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Night Care

Do you need someone to be there for you during the night?



At Sunlight, we understand that it is important for you to know that you or your loved one feels safe and well supported at home no matter the time of day or night. Our experienced and dedicated Care Professionals are available to provide care and support during the night, whether this be as a sleep-in service or a waking night service – our overnight care is tailored for whatever you might need.

Overnight care is perfect for those who are elderly or unwell, and may either require frequent assistance during the night hours – such as with administering medication or help reaching the bathroom – or who simply want a comforting presence nearby should they need it. Having overnight care at home means that you or your loved one can remain living independently at home with the care and support you need to stay safe and well.

Sunlight Sleep-In service.



When a Care Professional provides a sleep-in service, they do it while you are sleeping in your home. This kind of service is perfect for people who don't require care at night but still feel uneasy being by themselves and want to feel secure knowing that someone is close in case they need assistance. Having a familiar person around can help reduce feelings of loneliness or isolation. This is particularly true for people who have degenerative diseases like dementia, which can cause confusion, disorientation, or worry.

Knowing there is a Care Professional sleeping close by gives peace of mind and can improve overall wellbeing, because you or your loved one are able to sleep well without anxiety. The sleep-in service may also include assisting you to bed in the evening or preparing breakfast when you wake in the morning.


Night service.



A waking night service is one in which the Care Professional spends the entire night at your home awake and on duty. This service is perfect for people who wake up throughout the night in need of assistance with personal care, continence care, regular repositioning, particularly following an accident or injury, medication administration, or assistance with orienting to the time of day so that they can go back to sleep.

Our care is always individualised to meet your needs, so we may review your alternatives for overnight care whenever you need us to or if your situation changes. Our Care Professionals are on hand to make sure you live well at home, your way, regardless of your circumstance.

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