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Parkinson's Care

Parkinson's disease diagnosis can cause anxiety and uncertainty for the entire family, but there is support available to help you and your loved ones deal with this new reality. You can get all the assistance you need from our Care Professionals to live happily and independently at home.


How can our Care Professionals help you to live the life you choose?


Parkinson's disease, which affects some 145,000 people in the UK alone, is the neurological ailment with the fastest global growth rate. The entire family may experience anxiety and certainty following a Parkinson's diagnosis, but we are here to support you.


At Sunlight Care, we recognise that receiving a Parkinson's diagnosis may be an extremely stressful moment for you and your loved ones in addition to dealing with the physical changes and interruption to your former way of life. To help you live your best life at home, our specialised Care Professionals are here.

At every stage of the disease, our Care Professionals are well qualified to provide care for those who are afflicted.

Care built around your loved one


In collaboration with you, Sunlight Care will provide flexible, individualised home care based on your unique needs and availability. Our Specialist Care Professionals are expertly qualified to serve elderly individuals and their families and have received training in Parkinson's care.  They have prior experience collaborating with other medical specialists and community health teams. To match your specific needs, we can offer a variety of forms of help, including hourly care, care that lasts a longer period of time, and even live-in care. We can assist you with living your best life at home, no matter what your needs are for specialised healthcare.

  • Enhance your independence and support you within your community. 

  • Potentially reduce health complications and hospital admissions.

  • Assist with your health needs and management plan.

  • Work with you and your health care team when reviewing your care needs.

  • Speak with your local team and see exactly how we can help

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