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Physical Disabilities Care

Sunlight Care Group provides a full range of care services for people living with physical and learning disabilities.


Support that builds your confidence


Individuals looking after a person with a degenerative disease such as MS or Parkinson’s, or a physical disability which can be experienced without warning such as a stroke, can be very physically and emotionally demanding on both the individual and close family members.

The Sunlight service

The impact of a physical diability can often make people feel isolated, trapped in their own home or indeed makes them feel that their home is no longer their own as care staff  and a variety of aids and adaptions to their home become both intrusive and unwanted. Sunlight takes great care to work respectfully in such cases ensuring that care they provide treats the individual in the way they need to go about their daily routines.

We have experienced care teams across East London who provide support and care for those with physical disabilities including nurses, health workers and care workers.

If you would like more information about how we can assist in providing care and support for individuals with physical disabilities please contact us today.

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