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Postoperative & Recovery Care

Our specialist rehabilitation care can support you with your recovery after illness or a stay in hospital. Our Care Professionals can deliver a practical, tailored service to help you recuperate in the comfort of your own home.


Home care can help speed up your recovery time


Rest assured that Sunlight Care has a wealth of experience assisting patients in returning safely and comfortably to their homes after hospitalisation.

We provides a range of support services to help you recoup at home and concentrate on getting better because research shows that rehabbing at home is better for your wellbeing.

Our skilled Care Professionals can assist you with all facets of your rehabilitation and recovery to guarantee a quick recovery, whether it be setting up transportation, medicine, equipment, meal preparation, housework, companionship, or personal care.

Fully-qualified Care Professionals

Whether you require continuing or temporary post-operative home care, Sunlight works with you to provide flexible, individualised care based on your unique needs. Our Care Professionals are specially trained to assist senior citizens and their families and are hand-selected for their morals and beliefs.

They are competent to offer clinical care services and have expertise working with community health teams and other medical specialists. Because we provide specialised care, such as for dementia and Parkinson's, our Care Professionals can offer personalised assistance if you need it to help you recover at home, your way, from your medical condition.

Sunlight Care's rehabilitation services will:

  • Potentially reduce health complications and hospital admissions

  • Assist with your health needs and management plan

  • Work with you and your health care team when reviewing your care needs

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