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Palliative Care

Individuals with terminal illnesses who prefer to stay in their own homes and be close to their loved ones can benefit from our palliative care service. We are aware that assistance from dependable, skilled Care Professionals can be quite beneficial during such a delicate and stressful period.


Palliative care and support at home


Not only you, but also your loved ones close to you, may experience distress, emotion, and stress when you are informed that you require palliative care and support. Our Care Professionals can provide you and your loved ones with emotional and practical support while providing care that is specifically catered to your needs, enabling you to remain in your home.

We recognise that the majority of people would prefer to remain at home where they feel safe and in charge when dealing with a life-limiting disease or illness. We offer specialised palliative care at home services to support your loved one and family through this difficult time.

The key to our palliative care is making sure your loved one is comfortable and living life as they choose during the final months or years of their life.

Our holistic approach


Our specialised palliative care is provided to you in the comfort of your own home, in a setting you are comfortable with, and by experts you can rely on.


There are many things to think about in the upcoming weeks and months, and we can support you not just with practical assistance like home aid and assistance with personal care, but we can also collaborate with your health team to make sure you stay as comfortable as possible at home:

  • Support you to live your life the way you want, alongside your health needs

  • Be observant to health complications and prevent the need for hospital admissions

  • Assist with your health needs and palliative and symptom management plans

  • Work with you and your health care team reviewing your care needs, ensuring you are always receiving the best care for you

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