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Reporting and Feedback


Safeguarding adults means protecting a person’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect.

Legislation such as the Care Act means that employers need to understand their safeguarding responsibilities, develop their workforce to reduce the risk of abuse or neglect to adults who need care and support, and safeguard adults in a way that recognises their choice and control.

Everyone working in adult social care, including leaders, managers and front line care staff, needs to understand their own responsibilities for the safety of the people they support, and must have the right skills and knowledge to recognise and respond effectively to potential abuse or neglect.

Report a Safeguard (Online)
Sunlight Group Safeguarding Policy

Providing Feedback

If you have a compliment or a complaint about any of the services we offer, we would be pleased to hear from you.


We would be delighted to hear about your positive experience. Please fill out the  'Make a Compliment' form via the button on the right hand side of this page.

Complaint Procedure:

Our commitment to our Service Users is to respond to any complaints or queries about the service we provide in a manner that is prompt, courteous and sympathetic.

Should you have a matter you would like to bring to our attention, please ask for the Registered Manager or the senior person on duty to assist you in the first instance.

Should you wish to familiarise yourself with the Sunlight Group's policy for dealing with complaints, please see the button on the right hand side of this page. 


Alternatively, you can write to:


Registered Manager
Sunlight Group
3-9 Balaam Street
E13 8EB

Telephone: 020 86 112 771

Once your complaint has been fully dealt with by Sunlight Group if you are not satisfied with the outcome you can refer your complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) and ask for it to be reviewed.  The LGO provides a free, independent service.


The LGO team can be contacted for information and advice or to register a complaint:

Telephone:  0330 061 0614

The LGO will not usually investigate a complaint until the provider has had an opportunity to respond and resolve matters.

Our service is registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  The CQC cannot get involved in individual complaints about providers, but is happy to receive information about services at any time. 


You can contact the CQC at:

Care Quality Commission National Correspondence
Newcastle upon Tyne
Telephone:  03330 616161


Whistleblowing is the term used when someone who works for an employer raises a concern about malpractice, risk (for example about patient safety), wrongdoing or possible illegality, which harms, or creates a risk of harm, to people who use the service, colleagues or the wider public.


Ideally, such concerns should be dealt with by the employer. However, if the management have not dealt with those concerns by responding appropriately to them, perhaps by using the employer’s own whistleblowing policy, or the worker does not feel confident that the management will deal with those concerns properly, they can instead make a disclosure to a ‘prescribed body’, such as a regulator like CQC.


Disclosures could be about the safety of patients or people who use services, the failure of a provider to comply with the law or the national standards of quality and safety, financial malpractice or risks to staff or other people.


If a worker is concerned that vulnerable adults or children using a service are not being cared for in a way that keeps them safe, they can also raise their concern with the local authority (local council) under their safeguarding procedures. They can do this as well as whistleblowing to CQC or another body such as the police.

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