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Dear All,

In light of the uncertainty we all face in our daily lives with the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), I wanted to write to you directly to keep you informed of the steps we as a company/community will take to ensure we are prepared for all scenarios; my absolute number one priority is the safety of customers, staff and family members, no matter the circumstance.

We can all take sensible steps to reduce the spread of infections:

  • Ensure you are washing your hands before and after every task

  • Ensure you are cooking all meats thoroughly

  • Exercise regularly

  • Minimise stress

  • Ensure you get at least 6 to 8 hours sleep

  • If you drink alcohol, only do this in moderation

  • Do not smoke; it lowers your immune system

  • Take multivitamins

  • Eat a diet high in fruit and vegetable​s

  • If you are coughing and sneezing, do this into a disposable tissue and bin it

  • If you have a temperature of more than 37.5, call 111

  • Drink plenty of fluids

  • Avoid unnecessary gatherings and crowds

  • Ensure you wash your clothes separately from your families on a hot wash

  • As soon as you have finished work have a shower

Hygiene is critical: There is a lot we still do not know about COVID-19, but health authorities have been clear that maintaining good hygiene is critical, and your care coordinators have access to learning material around infection control. You are able to complete the workbooks and be certificated, please contact your care coordinator if you would like us to email or post this to you to complete.


Thank you for nevertheless doing such an amazing job and working with vulnerable people however please remember you are the most important person in Care and therefore need to be kind to yourself and look after your own well-being.


Advise on the CDC website is a valuable read:


Please follow the official NHS advice on how to protect yourselves and others. You can check the following sources for more information:


We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you up to date with any further developments.

Best wishes,

Dr Steven Davis (Nominated Individual)


As a company that works directly with vulnerable people (specifically people aged over 70 and those with underlying health conditions). We are taking the recent outbreak of Covid-19 very seriously. 

For further information on this please see our isolation and infection control.

Additional Guidance and Support

As the global COVID-19 pandemic is upon us, a number of mutual aid groups have started forming across the country.  The groups aim at providing community support to those who are more at risk from the virus: be it help with running errands or cooking.

To check out your closest group below:

To help protect the workforce from the risks associated with coronavirus the British Safety Council is offering several courses for free from everything from Mental Health tips to Remote Workers' Health, Safety and Welfare during this time of uncertainty.

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