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Learning & Development

Mentorship Programme

Welcome, to our Staff Development Page,


Our Mentorship Programme will provide you with the Skill, and Knowledge to perform your role. 

Study Time: 213 hours GLH 

                    21 CPD Credits 

You will also be required to attend a training day to cover the knowledge requirement and a week later a 1/2 day session to cover the practical skills 

You will need to undertake three modules to pass the Programme,

  1. Train the Trainer 

  2. Becoming a Mentor 

  3. Carrying out Assessment

Our Train the Trainer module with giving you the confidence to deliver a training session to new members of staff, you will learn about different learning styles, & you will learn how to prepare your resources, to deliver your session. 


Once you have completed this you will carry on Journey, on becoming a mentor, you will learn how to develop people, and build confidence, you will learn how to plan for individual peoples needs.  

Finally, you will learn how to carry out and make assessment decisions, on successful completion of the final workbook you will have the understanding on assessing the care certificate and supporting new member of staff. 


You will be award with our Certificates of completion and a badge for your lanyard. 

Train the Trainer 

Rules about downloading and using our resource.


  • You are only allowed to use the Train the Trainer resource if you are teaching and supporting Sunlight care Staff. 

  • You are only allowed to use this if you have been signed off as competent.

  • You are NOT allowed to safe them on your personal PC due to Copyright laws. 

  • Any Staff Found Misusing the resource will be subject to disciplinary action.  

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