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Medication Training

Medicines can legally be administered by anyone, as long as it has been prescribed by an appropriate practitioner. Typically the carer will work with the patient to produce a care plan that includes details regarding any medication. However in care homes, where a carer is responsible for multiple patients, the monitoring and administration of patients medication can be rather complicated. Older people in care homes are among the most vulnerable members in society and their reliance on the care home staff means special attention must be taken where medication is concerned.

The management and administration of medicines in care homes is currently covered by regulation 13 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities). This states that "The registered person must protect service users against the risks associated with the unsafe use and management of medicines, by means of the making of appropriate arrangements for the obtaining, recording, handling, using, safe keeping, dispensing, safe administration and disposal of medicines used for the purposes of the regulated activity." Compliance with the regulations is monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

All carers / care providers must keep accurate records relating to the administration of medicine for their patients. This documentation includes information on:


  1. How medicines are obtained for residents

  2. Procedures to assess self‐administration

  3. Obtaining residents' consent if care workers give medicines

  4. How medicines are stored, centrally and for self‐administration

  5. Procedures for administration

  6. Procedures to assess competence to administer medicines safely

  7. Procedures for controlled drugs

  8. Procedures for providing medicines when residents take 'leave'

  9. What records are held

  10. How to deal with drug errors and incidents

  11. How to dispose of medicines

  12. Treatment of minor ailment

Before you are able to support someone with there Medication you will need to Undertake the following Training: 

  1. Sunlight Care Induction program

  2. Our Online Medication Video & multiple choice question assessment 

  3. Our Skills Assessment  

  4. You have read and signed our Medication Policy 

  5. You will need to undertake an annual update

  6. If you are a Nurse you will also have to undertake the yearly drug calculations skills. 

Medication Train the Trainer
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