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Learning & Development - Team Leader

Team Leader Programme

Welcome, to our Staff Development Page,


Our Team Programme will provide you with the Skill, and Knowledge to perform your role. 

Study Time: 200 hours GLH 

                    20 CPD Credits 

You will also be required to attend a training day to cover the knowledge requirement 

You will need to undertake three modules to pass the Programme,

  1. Team leader - Front line staff

  2. Dealing with Conflict 

  3. Supervision Training

Finally, you will lead the out of hours and manage the service, You will need to Manage the on-call duty rota from 6 pm in the evening round till the next day. 

You need to ensure that you have collected on the on-call phone and laptop.


You will be award with our Certificates of completion and a badge for your lanyard. 

Supervision Training

Websites For Team Leader 





Rules about downloading and using our resource.


  • You are only allowed to use the Train the Trainer resource if you are teaching and supporting Sunlight care Staff. 

  • You are only allowed to use this if you have been signed off as competent.

  • You are NOT allowed to safe them on your personal PC due to Copyright laws. 

  • Any Staff Found Misusing the resource will be subject to disciplinary action.  

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