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Supported Living Services

What is Supported Living Services?

Supported living services enable individuals with a disability to live independently in their own home, with appropriate support to help them manage their own tenancy and achieve greater freedom and control in their lives. Support can be provided in a person’s own house, their flat or in a shared living environment.

How Does Supported Living Work?

Supported living isn’t about defining or dictating how someone lives, it’s about supporting them to live as independently as possible. Which means that the support provided will be as much or as little as needed. Because we tailor our support to match the specific needs of each individual the hours of support provided will always vary from person to person.


Every individual we support has a unique Personal Support Plan that captures their specific needs and details the support to be provided. This can range from flexible support during the day, in the evening, overnight and/or at weekends, right through to 24 hour support.


At the centre of everything has to be the individual being supported and a genuine understanding of all their needs, this ensures a solution that meets their unique goals and aspirations for the future.

The Sunlight Group 5 Principles of Supported Living Services


                    A home of one's own

                    Choice and self direction


                    Community membership

                    Flexible, tailored services and supports

What Are The Benefits of Supported Living?

Supported living services can offer you a settled place to live while you access support to:

  • maximise your independence

  • care for yourself, and manage your health needs

  • feel connected and included as part of the community


Supported living is usually provided for a limited time while you need support.

Services will help you to move to a more independent accommodation setting once your needs have reduced, and you have gained more skills.

The length of time you spend using supported living services will depend on your individual needs.

More information on Supported Living

NHS Website on Supported Living -

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